Pharmacy installation

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Pharmacy installation
Pharmacy installation MOTOCLIMA

Our pharmacies are thoroughly insulated and are equipped with the refrigeration unit it has cooling and heating functions. By means of the thermostat, the temperature of the vehicle is automatically maintained in the cargo compartment. Of course there is a power supply to the fridge.


Refrigeration technology for pharmacies

K regulaci teploty uvnitř vozidla používáme chladírenskou jednotku, která má funkci chlazení i topení. Díky termostatu výparník automaticky udržuje zvolenou teplotu a sám určí, kdy je potřeba chladit a kdy topit. V případě nutnosti přidáváme do vozidla nezávislé topení. Často je možno připojit výparník na originální klimatizaci vozidla.

Thermo-isolation of the pharmacy installation

To minimize heat loss, insulate the vehicle’s load compartment by insulating panels. Mostly this is a insulation thickness of 40 – 60 mm. We adjust the floor so that it can withstand the working conditions in the long term. It is predominantly an anti-slip sheet, plasticized vinyl or non-slip cast floor. The fittings are equipped with spacing rods for convenient transportation boxes. Optionally, we produce special air distributions in cargo space of the vehicle.

Accessories for pharmacies

To have your pharmacy complete, we offer accessories:

  1. Folding the fridge cable
  2. 12 V socket
  3. Parking camera
  4. Temperature recorder
  5. Anchor elements in the floor or on the walls of the refrigerator
  6. Shelves (according to customer needs)
  7. Expanding rods for cargo hold
  8. Independent heating
  9. Additional LED illumination inside the cargo compartment
  10. Vents for independent heating
  11. Holders in the floor for the fridge
  12. Paint the refrigeration unit into the color of the vehicle
Other add-ons on client’s request.

Common pharmacy installations

Custom installations

Transport of medicines 1

Refrigerated installations for the transport of medicines. The evaporator in the cargo area has a cooling and heating function to keep the medicines at the right temperature, regardless of the outside ambient temperature. Maybe you will be lucky in an accident and your medicine will be transported by the built-in from MOTOCLIMA s.r.o.

Transport of medicines 2

Built-in for the transport of medicines. The evaporator in the cargo area cools and heats. The thermostat in the cab automatically starts cooling / heating so that the temperature set by the driver is always maintained in the cargo area of the vehicle. There is an air distribution from the evaporator at the ceiling for better circulation. Furthermore, the installation is equipped with independent heating, which blows warm air into the cargo area and into the driver’s cab. At the rear door there are lamella hinges for less temperature change when opened. A cable with a connector is inserted for the refrigerator and recessed handles are prepared in the floor.


Refrigerated installation in Ford Transit Custom for drug delivery. The cargo space is divided into two chambers. In the first chamber there is an evaporator with cooling and heating function, which maintains the set temperature in the range of 16 ° C – 24 ° C. In the second chamber there is a refrigeration unit with cooling and heating function, which maintains the set temperature in the range of 2 ° C – 8 ° C.

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