Mobile large-screen advertising screens

Mobile large-screen advertising screens
Mobile large-screen advertising screens Motoclima

Mobile ad - mobile billboard

We produce custom-made mobile billboards according to the customer’s needs. You can also choose from ready-made mobile screens with us. Mobile ad gets great attention. It’s more intriguing for advertising on large LED screens! When passing through a city, a concert, a sports match or other action.

We will make you a mobile screen exactly according to your ideas.
If you are really interested in buying a screen, do not read the following text and come to us for coffee!

Using mobile / mobile billboard

Mobile large LED screen

Do you want your LED screens to run around the city all day long, or do you want the large screens to stand in the square for a while and then go elsewhere? Do you want to ride all day after the roundabout?These are mobile screens!

Static large screen

Do you want LED screens to stand in the ice hockey arena? Do you want your screen to stand in crowded ski resorts ? Do you want to have your ad on large LED screens anywhere on the road or highway?Do you want to warn yourself of the fair? Other benefits of mobile screens!

Live shows, concerts, sports events

Our screens are professionally soundproofed and equipped with microphones for moderators, so they are suitable for live shows where the image on large screens needs to be accompanied by good sound.

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