Freezer installation

Mražené potraviny

Freezer installation


For freezer compartments it is very important to insulate the load compartment carefully to prevent heat transfer. It is necessary to produce additional insulated doors. A powerful refrigeration unit, togetherwith precise insulation, ensures temperatures up to -20C.

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Implementation of freezer installation

We thoroughly insulate the truck compartment by means of insulating panels, mainly with tl . 100 mm. It is necessary for the freezers to manufacture additional insulated doors. We modify the floor to withstand the working conditions for a long time – it is predominantly a cast non-slip floor.

Refrigeration unit for freezers

For frost-free installations, a powerful refrigeration unit is important, which together with high-quality insulation ensures the required temperatures below 0 ° C. The refrigeration unit can only be driven from the engine or can be supplemented by an electric motor. connection 230/380 for function even when the vehicle engine is stationary. The appropriate refrigeration unit is selected according to the size of the vehicle’s load compartment and the required temperature.

Accessories for a freezer car

To make your refrigerator complete, we offer the following accessories:
  1. Paint the refrigeration unit into the color of the vehicle
  2. Parking camera
  3. Temperature recorder
  4. Anchor elements in floor or walls of the refrigerator
  5. Shelves (according to customer needs)
  6. Expanding rods for cargo hold
  7. Additional LED illumination inside the cargo compartment
  8. 12 V socket
Other add-ons on client’s request.

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