Cooled superstructures

Cooled superstructures Motoclima
Cooled superstructures Motoclima

Isothermal boxes supplemented with a refrigeration unit for temperature control in the vehicle’s load compartment. Suitable for goods to be transported in a certain temperature regime (food, medicine, flowers, etc.). We produce for vehicles up to and over 3.5 t .


Refrigeration units for boxes

We are selecting the appropriate refrigeration unit according to several parameters – especially the volume of the insulated load compartment, the required temperature in the load compartment, the function of the refrigeration unit (cooling / cooling + heating) and the method of driving the refrigeration unit. Here are the options for driving the refrigeration units we use:

  1. Drive from vehicle engine – function only when the engine is running
  2. Drive from vehicle motor + electrical connection 230 V / 380 V – vehicle engine running + engine quite regime
  3. Powering the vehicle battery – for vehicles with a smaller volume of cargo space
We rely on reliable refrigeration technology and a serious approach.
We also supply separate cooling units including compressor brackets and other accessories

Box body construction

The isothermal box is made of insulated PUR panels and aluminum / steel painted profiles. Thickness of the insulating panels is chosen according to the desired temperature inside the box body (most used are panels of thickness. 60, 80 and 100 mm). The box dimensions are individually tailored, as the boxes are tailored to the needs of the customer. Clients choose the box dimensions, number and position of the side door, shelf systems, floor type, rear door type, lighting, etc. We will match the box to every customer according to his needs. Steel zinc components, aluminum parts are treated by spraying or painting. We mainly use anti-slip surface on the floor – cast or sheet metal

Cooling unit accessories

In order to complete the box cabinets, we offer the following accessories:
  1. Roof and side spoiler
  2. Folding hydraulic front
  3. Air bellows on the rear axle
  4. Advertising stickers for the box
  5. Anchor elements in the floor and on the walls of the box
  6. Flap on gas struts
  7. Water bar, tool box, additional indoor and outdoor lighting,
  8. Parking camera
  9. Paint the refrigeration unit into the color of the vehicle
  10. Independent heating
  11. Sleeping body
Other add-ons on client’s request.

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